Great Pyrenees Rescue for Eastern Pennsylvania

Ammendments to Pennsylvania Dog Law and how they effect Rescue!

Due to the new ammendments to the Pennsylvania Dog Law that were made into law on 10/9/08 we will, as a Rescue, have to limit the numbers of dogs we take in to Rescue each year. As the Law reads now, if we take more than 25 dogs in to Rescue in a year (or harbor, house etc. more than 25 dogs in a calendar year) we would have to apply for a kennel license. Applying for a kennel license and adhering to the stringent rules for kennels is not something we are able to do either physically or financially at this time. To this end, and in order to still be able to Rescue some dogs each year, we will no longer be able to take in dogs older than 5 years, (these are much harder to find new homes for due to their age) dogs that have behavioral problems that would need an extended stay in Rescue prior to placement, (including but not limited to dogs who are food aggressive, dogs who are dog aggressive, dogs who are not good with children under normal circumstances, etc) no “special needs” dogs either (such as deaf or orthopedically challenged dogs). We will only be able to take in dogs that have a good chance at being rehomed without extensive behavioral modification. Nor will we be able to take in any dogs from other states. We need to keep our doors open to PA dogs in need.

We will however, do our very best to help shelters and others place any Great Pyrenees in need into appropriate homes whenever possible. We cannot take any responsibility for these dogs since we did not foster them ourselves to appropriately temperament test them and get to know them personally.

Now the Monroe County SPCA has closed. They were members of the PSPCA. They were the Stroudsburg adoption Center for the PSPCA. While the Philadelphia Branch of the PSPCA took in the animals housed there (according to the PSPCA website at ) there is now nowhere for strays etc. to go except neighboring counties. And of course to Rescue. How are we to help the dogs with these new restrictions? Rescue is needed now more than ever, but our hands are tied. It is indeed a sad day for animals in need in Monroe County as well as for the Rescues that are based there. There’s never enough foster homes, money or volunteers and now the situation is critical in Monroe County. According to one news report, strays are not to be picked up by police for the time being. Not until they can figure out what to do with them. We know what will happen to them, they will get hit by cars, freeze to death or become nuisances. They may even become a public health problem. These poor animals, either owned by irresponsible people and allowed to run loose, or homeless will now have nowhere to go. Surrounding County Shelters already have space issues due to the number of people who must give up their pets due to the economy. Donations to Rescues as well as adoptions are down due to the economy. More and more dogs and cats will have to be euthanized to make space.